At long last it’s crashed, its colossal mass

REAL D // 60s filter
It’s a luscious mix of words and tricks
That let us bet when you know we should’ve folded
On rocks I dreamt of where we’d stepped
And the whole mess of roads we’re now on.


These are my 3D glasses from seeing Coraline yesterday in Union Square. Because I cannot afford Ray Ban Wayfarers and my new spring sense of fashion is built around the concept of “free”, I punched the polarized lenses out and wore them this way. I’ve been dropping more weight, or at least slowly shrinking out of my jeans, and I am trying not to go spend money on any clothes for this interim. Its kind of hard to stear clear of my credit card, but I love a challenge, as well as actively working toward not caring what anyone else thinks.

Last night, Allison and I got to check out the new music venue in Jersey City, I.M. Automata Chino. Her old friends are booking shows there and it promises to be a very good thing for our night life. Super happy and we had a good time trying to dance to everything and naming all of the bands that influenced the boys on stage from song to song. I liked the country folks in the second band with the girl drummer and the steel lap guitar. Reminded me of my friends and yours, Widower.

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