attended: threads fashion show in jersey city

Today, Rory, Allison, and I attended THREADS: Wearable Art Fashion Show at the Jersey City Museum. The event was sponsored by the museum and by gaia studio. In total we had to walk about four blocks to attend this event, as it was right in our amazing neighborhood.

Rory knew a few classmates from NYU’s ITP program who were showing work in the fashion show, but, more importantly, we went to see Despina Papadopoulis, a teacher and designer with whom Rory has been working closely this semester at her studio, Studio 5050. Despina was a key speaker along with the two women who founded BurdaStyle! For those of you who sew, BurdaStyle is a must for you to bookmark: sign up, find inspiration and free, copy-right free patterns and designs, and upload your own creations. The women from Burda Style (Nora Abousteit and Benedikta Von Karaisl) gave a presentation on the Open Source aspect of the site, and the ways in which involving the community of sewers and DIY fashion designers across the Internet is revolutionizing many aspects of communication and sharing amongst fashion designers of every skill level. It made me excited to have some time this week to do some sewing of my own. I loved how they stressed the importance that web sites like flickr and etsy are having on our culture.

Studio 5050’s Despina spoke next about the history of the availability of textiles and fashion and the ways that consumerism has affected and been affected by our need to clothe our own vulnerabilities and communicate information to the world. The work that she does involves exploring new ways to combine wearable fashion with technology in order to play with the dialogue we have between our selves and the spaces we create around our bodies. I’m very excited to say that she invited me down to the studio for a visit this week, so I’m going to check it out one day when Rory’s working there (he’s one of her interns).

Despina and the ladies of taking questions during a Q&A session. I loved the flyer design, which you can see projected up on the screen behind them.

Next came a fashion show featuring local artists and designers.

“The Muttering Hat” and “The Talk to Yourself Hat” by Kate Hartman.
Die hard emilyaugust followers will realize that this was
the hat that I tested just about a year ago when Kate was
looking for volunteers at ITP.

listening device
mutter, mutter, mutter…

There were tons of other amazing projects at this show, and lovely little giveaways. I am treasuring the little Burda Style buttons I received. Check out the Events Page at Gaia Studio for more information, and for upcoming events.

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