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So, we are back from our road trip to a friend’s wedding in Keene, NH. That is a picture of me that Rory took; the bathtub is in the very old house where we stayed.

Keene is a town I would never have thought I would be spending time. Years ago, my ex-boyfriend and I went on tour there. And by “on tour there” I mean that our friend Nate set us up with shows at the coffee house on main street, at a show in his friend’s backyard, at a party that never happened, at an amazing hippie commune in Brattleboro, VT, and then up on a mountain on a makeshift stage we shared with a freestyle rap contest and a very loud jam band. It was wonderful. We went thrifting and ate good food, and fell in love. Then we looped back down the Mass Pike and he played a show with our friends Ryan Doyle and Pants Yell! in Boston, and then that was it. …Never to return to the tiny town of Keene, again.

But! It turns out that Rory’s family has a large faction of family friends who went to college there, and have started that stage in life when everyone we know is getting married and having gorgeous little babies. Therefore, we’ve been going up there quite often!

The family rented a big old manse, with eight bedrooms, a wrap-around porch, barn, and other various trappings of tranquil idyllic bliss. We stayed there for a few days, traveled into town for spa treatments, drank a lot of really good New England stout, and celebrated the wedding of our friends with five dogs in tow. Though it rained quite a bit, we had a lovely time and did not want to leave. Tonight we arrived back with me suffering from a bad case of car sickness, and extra loads of laundry to truck over to the laundromat this week. Reality is such that this was expected.

I am now in the process of uploading photos, which I’ll post in batches here.

Anyway, we decided to go to the Brownstone for dinner, since we have zero food in our fridge. We talked about the weekend and about different projects we have going on, then sort of shuffled back through Van Vorst park to come home and take out the garbage. BUT!! on the way back we ran into a raccoon, digging through garbage piles on Barrow Street! It was like the woods followed us home! How nice is that?

I am also very excited to have to learn this song to sing at my sister’s wedding next month:

I love covering Iron and Wine songs, which you would notice if you clicked on my MySpace profile. And plus it gets to be a duet with my Dad. So that rules. Except I might cry.

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