collars from cuffs

First Wardrobe Refashion project:

I took apart a women’s blouse I picked up in the mall a few months ago, and turned it into two different pieces so far. The shirt had a lot of pintucking and shaping with darts. That, coupled with the stretchiness of the fabric, led me to try and create headbands or collars out of these bell sleeves that were truly hideous.

On the first collar I added lace and detailed topstitching, plus a few buttons for fun. I think it could be worn either way, “up” or “down” for a frilly little pop of color.

collar one
collar two

collar four

On the second collar, I just did a really simple zig-zag stitch to allow a lot of stretch, keeping the piece in tact as an object to be pulled over the head. I think I like this one more, though it took far less of my time to create.


  1. softspoken wrote:

    i can’t decide which i like better! gorgeous stuff.

  2. emily august wrote:

    wow. thank you!

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