Fashion Presets: Social Media Marketing for the Self Obsessed Pt. 1

Photography draws artists into its fold because of its uniquely rewarding ability to let one express exactly what one sees, in the way that one sees it. For me, social media has the same pull.

For post-adolescent girls making something of themselves during the boon of technological advancements like affordable digital cameras (webcams at first, back in 2002), social networking beta sites… the world was a blank canvas.

And when your entire peer group is finding themselves in an economy where its easy to have no direction, it is no wonder that we have all been systemically delaying marriage and children. We aren’t doing what our parents did and we have a lot more expendable income as well as freedom in the way that we choose to spend our time.

Recently when my photography equipment broke down, I began reverting to an earlier time in my life. Stuck with just a MacBook built-in camera in front of me, I felt my mind slipping back to when friends of mine would do nothing but post photos of themselves on the internet– whether this was Friendster, Livejournal, MySpace… it didn’t matter. I don’t think many of my male friends can relate unless they were emo or indie enough to put their frail egos on MakeOutClub. There was something communal, especially with those of us post-college Generation Y who started posting shot after shot of nothing much more than— ourselves. That’s what initially drew me into photography: what we now call Personal Branding!

I think we are a self-obsessed generation.

I think we can and can’t help it.

I think its good and bad.


What this has evolved into, I think, is the phenomenon of fashion blogging. Its a two-fold social and cultural conversation where contributors on the scene, fashion bloggers who post daily outfits and share fashion links, feel that they are connecting, being understood, and being seen by a huge audience of like-minded bloggers.

Marketing dollars have started to flow in this direction. We’ve seen integrated social media campaigns spring up in all of our commercials: watch the video on TV, click the link to the web site, share links and stories on your blog, and get some love from the community in return.  Fashion and makeup are well suited to capture this audience of The Self-Obsessed and they’ve done a marvelous job of cashing in.

What are some of your favorite recent ad campaigns for makeup or clothing, whether online or elsewhere?

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