felt faux bois


I believe that my sewing machine is magic and that I can invent a new form of faux bois by which I can wood-panel my entire bedroom. I’ll keep experimenting and let you know how the woodgrain goes. This was born out of showing my boyfriend how to sew holes in order to make a place for a screw to be attached to a garment (with or without a grommet): my Brother sewing machine has lots of stitch functionality. He also inspired me to learn how to change out the needle and wow the machine is working really nicely right now. He is working on a really cool project for a show that’s coming up in NYC in a few weeks involving turn of the century undergarments (really). I’ll post more about it closer to the date!

free form sewn bois


  1. caroline wrote:

    i <3 faux bois.
    martha stewart did a spread in her magazine a while back about it and ever since i've been in love.

    target recently had a faux bois dining accessories line. i wanted the cake stand so badly, but it didn't have a dome lid. i can't find a picture of it =(

  2. icancarryallthebagsandthebabiestoo wrote:

    This is lovely!

    My sewing machine has been broken and sitting in my closet for about a year, which has been fine because I haven’t had the time or energy to sew. But now I do and I’m trying to decide if I should have it repaired or just buy a new one (I think it would be just about the same cost if I went with an inexpensive model.)

    Decisions, decisions…

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