Foodie Roommie Shout Out

So, our amazing roommate, Allison recently went to a similar transition to me, quitting her daytime admin gig to pursue things that more closely resemble her calling in life. Its a bit scary, but definitely really cool to have someone so close to home going through similar struggles (OMG how do you buy yr own health insurance and other scary stories to tell in the dark).

She’s been playing hard to get with various jobs that came her way, holding out for just the right mix of business and pleasure, and by pleasure, in Al’s case, its usually food-related. She bakes, she woks, she chops and stirs like no one else I know. In fact, she and I used to both work at the now-defunct Down to Earth vegan restaurant in Red Bank, NJ, and she’s worked at other delectable destinations like the Bent Spoon in Princeton, NJ, and more recently an upscale coffee bar in the village (right near where my new boss has her home office! Its too perfect!).

Through her gallant display of patience, she’s scoured job sites for hours and hours and picked up a few really neat gigs that would leave you drooling if I told you all about them. For privacy’s sake, I won’t, but I want to share this link to one of her first blog posts on Serious Eats New York!

I love this because its so very much up her alley, and its been so neat to see her going through a similar transition to me and end up in such a unique space: posting about a ricotta-making workshop for a major food blog. This is something I could never dream of doing myself, but something that makes me really proud and excited for her. A year ago, neither of us would have guessed where would be right now, and, though all three of us can guess that we love our neighborhood too much to leave any time soon, we have no idea what’s going to happen over the course of the next year (and the next and the next…)

Seriously cool.

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    OMG love you!

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