found: sweet card catalog

Love this vintage/amazing card catalog my friend JP found and brought home to his apartment in Jersey City. I hope to see it in person soon. We are starting a drawing club, so if anyone is interested in joining us once a week–let me know! Also, dear Universe, please send me a card catalog for my future home.


  1. icancarryallthebagsandthebabiestoo wrote:

    I am 100% jealous of this find.

    If you had your own card catalog what would you use it for? (unless you are really going to catalog all of your books- I mean really, we don’t see enough dewy decimal these days.)

    It would be great for recipes… craft boxes with buttons and unspun wool. zippers.

    Not to mention a way of cataloging your beautiful photography. And lyrics.

    I need one!!!!

  2. allison wrote:

    I love this!!!! And a drawing club sounds like such a hoot, where will the drawing take place?

  3. emily august wrote:

    i would catalog… oh, everything.

    and allison you are in luck because it is taking place IN OUR APARTMEEEEEENNNNTT.

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