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hailing a ride
Last night my roommate and I ran out into the night, electrified by warmer weather that hinted of spring, and the prospect of ice cream from Torico’s — a family owned and key favorite establishment in our neighborhood that recently opened again for the season. I had taken a five dollar bill out of Rory’s wallet with his blessing, and I could feel my heart get lighter as we plodded down our crazy vintage laminate staircase. We giddily skipped past the gym whose membership I am about to cancel, talking about painting and expressing yourself with visual mediums and how this correlates to eating your feelings with a generous helping of sprinkles.

We stepped into the ice cream parlor and it was as if we had never left. Bright and colorful, the distinct sugary sweet scent in the air, Torico’s felt exactly the same as it had last year, smelled like home in the summertime, and we were welcomed warmly by the woman behind the counter who I believe is one of the owners. She was telling every one that their change was in thousands of dollars instead of single dollar bills, and smiling from ear to ear. You could tell she was happy to be serving us.

We got our choices: both soft-serve. I have a head cold with a sore throat right now and it was totally amazing to have cold vanilla sliding down my throat.

As we headed back to our apartment, we decided to take a detour and walk up Columbus, and we seemed to be walking in this funny haze where every person we passed was notably cartoon-like. First we passed a big girl with double plaited braids, a ton of baggage, and a down turned mouth. Then it was kind of normal people saying weird things loudly just as we were within earshot. Finally, we were approached by this man with a strong Spanish accent asking us plaintively if we wanted to buy a hat with a propeller on top of it. We didn’t.

Meanwhile, we had walked past one of the other gyms on Columbus, right near the PATH station, and read a sandwich board sidewalk advertisement pointing in to the front door of the gym. It read: HAS FASHION WEEK GOTTEN TOO COMMERCIAL? DISCUSS. Needless to say we cracked up, sharing the feeling that our neighborhood has this personality that is just completely hysterical in our perspective. We have such a mix of people from different backgrounds, people with different levels of professional careers, families, and a distinctly ironic artist vibe. You can’t help but walk down the street sometimes and fall in love with everyone you pass. Especially if you happen to be scarfing down vanilla soft serve as you go.

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