Halloween 2011

Started off the weekend with an extra-cuddly Penny Bear:

Worked on our costumes using what we had around the house (I sewed, Rory purchased duct tape).

I did crazy lion makeup:

Then we trudged through the snowy weather to our friends’ annual Fall Balloween:

I think I looked pretty silly but everyone voted Rory Best Costume and I got an award called E for Effort (which is like getting an A+ in Halloween Prizes, I hope).

The next morning it was thankfully not snowing anymore and we went for delicious brunch at the Hamilton Inn in Jersey City where the food was fantastic and we were treated kindly despite our loud and large presence in the dining room. Have you ever heard of Truffled Egg Pizza? Its phenomenal.

(Hetal, Mike, and Rory were cut off here.)

Happy Halloween!

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