handmade holidays: meme embroiders me in to the family

Rory’s grandmother is the matriarch of handmade traditions. His aunts and his mom are the same way and it is so much fun to see what they make for each other, and how they incorporate love into each holiday, even with the food they serve and the way they put it all together.

Each of Meme’s children and her grandchildren have stockings that she fills every year with funny little things. Often she hides money and gift certificates in unexpected places and you have to be very careful as you open not to miss anything. For instance, one year Rory’s cousin Katie threw out a check that Meme had rolled into the toe of a pair of slippers!

handmade stockings from meme
This year was really quite a whirlwind Christmas Day for Rory and I (Christmas Week, really, because we are helping so many people at once with pets and errands and switching off cars and watching dogs, etc.). Meanwhile, Rory and I are cat-sitting for Chessie again in the midst of not being home every day… so we ended up opening gifts at my parents’, driving up the Parkway, stopping at our apartment to visit the severely depressed kitties, then driving further North for another family party where everyone arrived at once and we had to do “Christmas morning” again but amongst extended family and amid the baby’s first Christmas experience, as well. There was also Barney the bulldog to contend with and, well, you can see how I missed the fact that Meme had added me to the family tradition.

I was so touched by this, I just had to share it.

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