hipster barbie

Listening to old cassettes today, and working on some projects. I plan to keep working on the pillows I began sewing, and to get a large part of my notebooks typed into an online format. I need to start getting writing samples together! Then, tomorrow and Sunday I need to put things up on eBay, because there is a pile that is threatening to take over our bedroom. The more I look at the stuff, the more depressing it is to think about how long I’ve been hanging on to it: video games, CDs, recording equipment, old cameras, jewelry, japanese coloring books, electronics, handbags. Keep an eye on flickr, because I’m finding it easier to photograph in small batches and then put everything up all at once.

I just wanted to say for my own record that today is a day I much appreciate being home, and my decision to leave my full-time day job. For certain.

hipster barbie

These are actual items from my Barbie collection from when I was a kid. I wonder if this explains anything about me you didn’t already know. These are the only things that I allowed myself to keep; the rest is going to the Salvation Army tomorrow. I am keeping one Barbie and one Jordan Knight NKOTB doll for purposes of sewing more Barbie clothes. It was so difficult to get rid of the other stuff! I checked on eBay and the stuff is not worth putting up for sale. I thought about giving it to my nieces, but then I thought it would just be a burden of more junk to their parents.

Anyway, I wonder if anyone else would feel the same way? Why is it so hard for me to get rid of the silliest things?

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