home decor: sharpie mural magic

Check out the mural I drew for my sister Sarah a few years ago. I just found this photo and I’m astonished at how cool this looks. I drew the whole thing freehand with a Sharpie Marker! I really should do this for a living, huh?

The problem with renting is that the opportunity to do things like this on my own walls is severely limited.

This is also partially a post to say how much I adore Sharpie Markers. Who is with me?


  1. Sarah wrote:

    Its definitely amazing what you can do with a little creativity and a whole lot of ingenuity! Can you say Nursery in the new house?! :)

    • emily wrote:

      1. Yes I can say that.
      2. Yes I will do that.

      Wee baby Collard shall have a sharpie mural of his very own!

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