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I haven’t done this in so long, and I have a million things I should be doing, which is exactly always the point where my brain decides to switch into consumer mode. Personal Statement? Health Insurance paperwork? Travel arrangements wherein I have to decide between two weddings? No, let’s think about area rugs, duvet covers, and wide calf boots for Fall!

There are so many people I owe emails to, and a couple of grad school applications that are laying dormant in other realms of existence.

Top this off with a bizarre move on my part wherein I decided to overhaul my stash of just about everything: yes, it started with magazines last weekend but I’ve sinced moved on to clothes, books, zines, records, sewing patterns, shipping supplies. Ridiculous amount of work and a lot of heartache because I am a hoarder by trade. But maybe this is why I feel like filling in some holes. I can’t explain why but this is a really easy pattern for me to fall into. I think it is good, overall, and probably has something to do with shedding some more pounds and focusing more seriously on some other things.

And so, my dear readers and google stalkers, I decided to get this out of my system. I present to you a complete list of items which would make it more fun to live here. Enjoy it here because it won’t happen in real life.

First of all, we need a duvet cover.
I really enjoy this one from Lacoste,
because I think the colors match my
deep-seeded need to live on the beach:

Mid-90s awesome in a 7th grade sort of way.

Okay, so while we are still in the bedroom, I LOVE THESE.
From Urban. Perfect for me and my fourtrack to dream by.
Ixnay on the buying more illowspay. I know.

But, whatever. Next.

Jonathan Adler, please come and install this above my bed,
and then sleep with me. NOT LIKE THAT JONATHAN ADLER.
It is to admire the design aesthetic.

Okay, enough in the bedroom.

The music room needs a coffee table, and it needs this coffee table.

We could store the fourtrack, guitar pedals, microphones,
cords, and cassette tapes and things in the center of it.
Ruby could also climb inside sometimes.

I have been feeling like we need another chair in the main living room for when we are all watching movies or playing video games. I think this chair would be the near-perfect thing, and yes I know it doesn’t match anything except for my heart.

We also need just about one china cabinet’s worth of space in the kitchen because our cabinets are overflowing with pots, pans, plates, and things. I love the idea of something like this in the one corner that comes in a bit (where we store our cookbooks). And I know you agree with me.

Lastly, I’d love to hang a coat rack and make a place to throw stuff when we walk in the front door. I didn’t see anything that I liked for this purpose.

I couldn’t realistically buy any of this stuff, but maybe I can convince someone with a car to come and drive me to the Salvation Army so I can supplement with well-informed finds. Rory is going to kill me for writing this post so let’s just keep it to ourselves, shall we?

Oh, internet. You are the best.

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