Hudson River pictures after plane crash yesterday.

U.S. Airways flight 1549 crashed into the Hudson River yesterday. My roommate and I were sitting in the living room when we heard about it early in the afternoon; she had just gotten home from work and I was just finishing a presentation for a client. I had to get to the post office to drop something off for my boss… and get the last of my writing samples in the mail as part of applying to grad school. Suddenly Allison was trying to get the news story up on and we became glued to the TV. Since our post office is a small hike into the next neighborhood nearer the waterfront, I decided to bring my camera with me and see what I could see.

It was extremely cold yesterday and there was almost a parade of Jersey City residents and people getting off work that would walk to the end of one of the piers, stand there for five minutes and then turn around to leave because it was so cold. These were taken near sunset, and by this time the passengers were rescued and the plane was sinking almost all the way. I think I just wanted to be able to tell my kids that I saw a plane in a river, because hopefully this will be the one and only time I get to see something like this in my life.

I also found the financial district to be very pretty yesterday. Due to the extreme cold, it was almost empty of pedestrians. I headed into the city for Rory’s show, and went to kill some time at Whole Foods cafe in Tribeca where I found myself unintentionally sitting above a street that was filled with ambulances and emergency workers lined up to help the situation down at the river. The number of workers outside in the extreme cold was almost heart-warming to see.

It certainly is disconcerting realizing that a major catastrophe has happened within about a mile or two of where you are sitting. Over dinner later on, around the block from a theater where we were headed for the night, Rory and I talked about 9-11 and got into some of the more detailed parts of the day that he had experienced while at school. He had met his sister-in-law after she came over on one of the ferries to meet him in Hoboken. Remembering my own experience of 9-11 I had asked, “How did you feel that day? Did you immediately want to be home with your family?” and “How did you get home?” He had told me the story before but I was shocked as he went through the story and he said, “You know they had to hose everybody off as the got off the ferries, right?” How had I missed that detail before? I imagine that’s the kind of thing you don’t want to remember about going through such a traumatic experience. I can’t even begin to imagine the small details of really sitting inside a plane cabin and waiting to “brace for impact”.

My heart goes out to anyone who had to live through this, and I’m especially glad everyone made it off the plane safely. I hope each of the survivors is able to overcome the shock of the situation, and not get overwhelmed by what they experienced yesterday. Bravo to the pilot!

jersey city waterfront
jersey city waterfront

Many ferry boats were out there on the water as the plane sank.

U.S. Airways flight 1549

Hudson River after the crash
jersey city waterfront

jersey city waterfront
watching the crash aftermath
jersey city waterfront

jersey city waterfront

looking out from the whole foods cafe in tribeca

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    You take the best pictures. You know how I know how talented you are? I can feel how cold it is in these. I can taste the frigid humidity in my mouth and it is practically stinging my nose. Amazing.

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