inspired by: john french

A most influential fashion photographer from the 1960s, John French’s work is archived at the V&A. I’ve been doing some work with them lately, and I end up on their site quite often, looking up contacts and goings on. Its lovely to find something so specific to my tastes whilst at work! Did I mention I love my job?

These specific photos immediately make me think of twee pop, film photography, swing coats (which are probably the only trend that I haven’t gotten sick of lately), and the serious art of mod fashion, which in itself is kind of ridiculous. I wonder if my love of these high fashion snobs is why I can never smile in a photo of my own taking? I mean, its not like I am taking myself seriously, but who can really tell?

Thank you, fashion gods, for giving me a false sense of identity and an equally false hope that all will be perfect with the world if I can just find the right riding boots and winter coat.

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