Jersey City Craft Mafia at Fourth Street Arts Fest

On the weekend of October 3rd, the Jersey City Craft Mafia manned a tent in the rain during the JC Village 4th Street Art & Music Festival in Downtown Jersey City. The day was almost completely rained out, but we stubbornly held our ground, hanging plastic sheeting and banding together to fjord the massive puddles in the parking lot. In spite of the rain, there were two stages of music, lots of vendors, and a lot of festival goers that came by in support once the rain let up. It was really terrible as far as sales go, but I made the best of it, and after the sun went down, I packed everything up and came back with friends to catch more music.

10-2009 007
Johanna of Metal Cloth & Wood

10-2009 006
Yvonne of Cynthia Raley Designs

10-2009 005
Illustrator Katherine Ramos

10-2009 004
Christina Alessi of Sparkletree

10-2009 002
And of course, my stuff for sale from Emily August.
This is my lovely roommate, Allison of, who sat with me through the rain and hung out most of the day at my table.  Rory also got up early, helped me haul my stuff to the venue, went and got me breakfast, and hung out for a bit as well.

The lovely green tablecloth on our table was embroidered by Johanna’s grandmother.

I only had time to take a picture of one band before my batteries died, and I happened to catch Dancing Tony from Rock-it Docket in the act of video-graphing the scene!

10-2009 009
10-2009 008

Other items of note from the day:

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