jersey city drawing club – session 2 notes

drawing club week 2
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In attendance: Allison, Emily, Caitlin, Frank, Kate, James, Lizzy
On the menu this week: chips and salsa, ginger cookies, Stella Artois, japanese rice snacks, roasted pistachios, almonds from Subia’s, yellow peeps and PBR.
This week’s winner: no winners or losers here, though I was chided for my lack of planning regarding the concept of still life. Rightfully so.
JP offered to have the next session at his place, in Liberty Harbour. Stay tuned.

Anyone who was at drawing club last night at our place will appreciate this Serious Drawings book coming out by Marc Johns. Found via Drawn! blog.

Also of note:
NYC lego blocks, and Maira Kalman via Frank.
The Happy Lion via Kate.
Lone Wolf and Cub, beloved by James.

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