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Sunday Morning Blog Roundup

Originally published by • Mar 15th, 2009

– Irene Borngraeber puts two cents in on how the businesses that participate in JC Fridays handle the art displayed during the events. “JC Fridays is not about art,” she concludes. Someone from Art House Productions responds in the comments: hopefully this conversation will continue and make JC Fridays even better.

– Ian Sacs of Planetizen issues a call to transportation reformers to advocate for a bike/pedestrian tunnel from New Jersey to Manhattan.

– David Cruz shares some very personal encounters with racism, one of which helped get him kicked out of his high school, and one of which happened last week.

– The peripatetic Marie Javins makes the case for taking out med-evac insurance if you travel abroad.

– Dancing Tony is back from Barcelona and back to calendaring JC nightlife.

– Life Vicarious runs down what’s new in dining on the JC waterfront.

– Emily August (of go go distro) plugs the Jersey City Craft Mafia in a guest spot on Draw & Quarter (she is looking for volunteers for an upcoming event.). Earlier in the week, Emily had obliged James (of Draw & Quarter) by reporting on his pompadour. If you need more context, or just want to know about an exciting pompadour outing, there’s also James’s own account of JC Fridays. Also, there’s even more pompadourage here, courtesy of the people who brought you all this pompadour talk.

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