jersey city outfitters

jersey city outfitters
I really wanted to go shopping recently at Urban Outfitters and I told myself that instead I’d go home and fix some things that are not quite right in my wardrobe. This was smart because A) I’m paying off my credit cards and I need to stick to it. B) I don’t fit into very many things at the old UO, anyway, and I’d end up all depressed and angry at myself for letting Big Media control my self-esteem.

And Sew! What’s a modern girl to do when faced with such a dilemma? Why, she rifles through the donation pile at the bottom of her closet and stitches the hell out of some discarded garments to make them unique and fun and once-again flattering. I turned a too-big denim dress into a drawstring skirt, and a nightgown into a lacy wing top with more coverage. I can’t tell you how satisfying this little experiment was and I want you all to run to your closets and do this tomorrow and report back.

In my case, the trick was to use a diagonal stitch on the stretchier bits of lingerie so there would be some give, as well as paying attention to the way I was changing the dress because of darts that were worked into the original garment. Totally simple. I did these both today (an hour before work I did all the cutting, pressing, and stitched the drawstring; finished up in less than an hour after work and dinner, just in time for Project Runway). The drawstring itself needs a rewrite, and we’ll probably pick something with color or just use an old belt from something or other.

Here are some detail shots to prove I’m getting the hang of this.

jersey city outfitters
Center panel from the hem of the nightgown;
note the hiked up parts that ended up
being part of the overall yoke motif.
I find it hysterical, actually.
jersey city outfitters
I can. not. get enough of this denim.
Its the reason this skirt has stuck around,
despite being at a point where it was falling
off my body after I recently lost some weight.
(I left it at the gym–let me know if you find it!)

Viva la Vivacious Curves. I am really enjoying having the energy and time to focus on sewing and fashion lately. I am also happy that I’ve been sticking to the gym membership I bought myself this year, because its giving me a lot of creative energy to do this kind of thing in the middle of busy week (Rock Camp! Work! We are going to have a new nephew soon! Cat fights! Show this weekend! Aaargh!)

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