Liberty Humane Society 3

This week at the Liberty Humane Society, we have a fine selection for you:

july LHS 050
Sweets, the proud pound momma.
july LHS 047

july LHS 068
A pretty, brindled pit whose name I cannot recall.

But what I was most excited about, and keep in mind that I’m biased (big time) were these two german shepherds. They are both going to get good homes right away, because they are just so beautiful. I know I’ve mentioned before my entire family is obsessed with shepherds, so this was a real privilege to photograph:

july LHS 046
Sheba II: around 5 months old, taken in as a stray.
july LHS 039
Vaccinated and passed the food aggression test.
Enjoys playing with toys, good dog for an active family.
At the perfect age for obedience training.

july LHS 030
The best part of a german shepherd is the nose in your face.

july LHS 031
And this part is good for scratching.

july LHS 017
Muffin: around 5 years old.
Also vaccinated and passed the food aggression test.

july LHS 007
Social and curious, needs a home with breed experience.
Needs daily exercise.

july LHS 013
I tried to convince my mom to drive up here tonight and get her,
but our shepherd Naomi would really sort of not be cool with that
right now because she’s having trouble walking (Naomi is about 13 years
old–ancient for a german shepherd!)

Please visit Liberty Humane Society for more information on these darling doggers, check out events, and find out what kinds of everyday household items you can donate to the animals.

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  1. Sarah wrote:

    OMG looks like RILEY (same age, 5 months seems about right!) How does a 5 month old pup that pretty become a STRAY???! I’m gonna post it on the forum

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