press this: emily august on bits + bobbins

What a lovely honor!

The superbly lovely and talented Tricia Royal, founder of wardrobe_remix, and creator of bits and bobbins has linked my featured ETSY buyer article in her latest “(not so) random links” blog post.

The article is getting tons of comments that open the dialogue for people to be honest about sizing and fit, and I’m so proud of the lovely reception I’ve gotten from both buyers and sellers on ETSY via emails and conversations.

Its great to have friendly support from such a prolific voice in street fashion and DIY culture. Thank you, Tricia!



  1. geriann wrote:

    i just read your article on etsy via tricia’s blog – i’m sooooo with ‘ya on this one! thanks for speaking out.

  2. tricia of wrote:

    you’re more than welcome. :)

    always happy to spread the word.

    fashion is and should be diverse, and if i can help make it more so, by bringing things like this up in my blog, i will! :)

  3. emily august wrote:

    geri and tricia, thanks!

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