multi-meta media: movement research

Last night I was able to join Rory at a dance performance by our friend Nancy Garcia at Judson Church on Washington Square South. The event was put on by Movement Research, and was staged beautifully inside the church sanctuary.

Unfortunately, I forgot we were going to see this and forgot to bring my camera, but I did find some beautiful footage on Nancy’s website that I thought I would share.

Her piece last night featured television monitors, circular movement, and sounds produced by the dancers and by the prerecorded video. There were some really beautiful movements and moments, especially when the sounds were echoing on the high ceilings and the front of the chapel. It was a really cool installation.

If you are interested in finding out more, you can check out Nancy’s blog, and her Dance Docs page. I especially love the tonal images on her main page.

She is going to be performing on stage with Thurston Moore Friday May 16th at no fun fest in Brooklyn, where she will be playing guitar, vocalizing and dancing along with him playing guitar.., which sounds like a dream.

Other upcoming appearances include:
April 19, 2008 Live Sh*t at The Chocolate Factory, Brooklyn, NY
June 5-6, 2008 with Chase Granoff, Renee Archibald, and Jon Moniaci, Dance Theater Workshop, New York, NY

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