my cat. let me show you her.

the best way to catch a cat on camera
I am working late because I was feeling sick the last two days and we have a big project due tomorrow. My cat wants to know why I am still on the computer and why is Rory not home yet, and who is going to play with her, etc. She gets this way at night and starts just sort of walking around then sitting and staring at us. It makes me laugh. I don’t think of it as love but I guess its the closest thing to love. She typically wants three things: a treat, the juice from a can of tuna, the laser pointer. She does not want to be picked up and will put up a fuss but she will purr loudly while you hold her and make scrunchy faces.

I’m uploading a ton of documents to an RFI for one of our clients so while I’m sitting here I am playing with the photo booth on my Mac book. If you are a friend on flickr, you’ll see more boredom there.

Feeling a little better finally. This is the fifth time I’ve gotten sick this winter!


  1. icancarryallthebagsandthebabiestoo wrote:

    Aw… she’s adorable.

    Our cat is a mean, marmalade, murderer (or, he would be if he had to opportunity.)

    He attacks our heads in the night.

    He sat in my lap for the first time recently… but only because I picked him up. I was shocked that he didn’t jump immediately. That’s what he’d normally do.

    He’ll love us eventually, I guess. He’d love us more if he could be an outside cat… poor guy.

  2. emily august wrote:

    Aw poor little indoor cat. :( I wouldn’t allow Ruby to go outside anywhere that I have lived with her but I made sure not to remove her claws in case she gets outside some day. With her Marmalade-like attitude, I think she’d do fine out there but I almost wouldn’t trust her to come back.

    I don’t know how cats work, so I pretend they are like dogs but they are not. And that’s what is hard about having a kitty with cattitude because you can’t necessarily correct the behavior.

  3. icancarryallthebagsandthebabiestoo wrote:

    You know, I bought him a little, purple, stuffed, mouse toy from the grocery store on Saturday… and when he is not trying to rip it apart… he carries it everywhere with him and cuddles with it.

    It’s the cutest!

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