feedback choir performing at NIME

So, I’ve been helping a fellow grad student in Rory’s program with her Speaker Feedback Choir, a choir that is set to sing along with an instrument she invented which produces sound from the feedback created from five different speakers. Its an analog instrument without amplification outside of its own set of five speakers. To compliment the synthesized sound, the “choir” is set up as five human voices that will sing in conjunction with the instrument, and the piece has been composed to play around with the two sets of voices so that they seem to meld together, and interplay with one another.

The sound of Speaker Synth is really lush and intense to listen to at first, kind of like Rites of Spring (Stravinsky, not the hardcore band). Since I’ve been rehearsing with them, I feel like I hear dissonant chords everywhere! Traffic, trains screeching, the headphone noise pollution of my fellow commuters.

Anyway, this is me and fellow choir-mate Chris waiting for the speaker feedback to do its thing so we can continue singing .

NIME 016
The Speaker Feedback Choir will perform at the NIME exhibition being held at EXIT ART this Thursday evening. Admission is free, and the experience is bound to be interesting. This is really going to be like no other show I’ve put on or performed in. Or that I’ve attended, for that matter.

Rory is also showcasing his Robot Canon: a piece performed by him with three mechanized and programmed xylophones that he plays with. (Look a bit like his Solar Xylophone project, which was featured in MAKE magazine last month?) His piece is really pretty and melodic–he’s got some time to play with the composition, and I think he’ll change it by the night of the performance, but on the run through today a lot of people were impressed, and it brought kids from down the hall into the rehearsal space. Just sounds really neat!

NIME 006
So, yeah. Come see the first show that Rory and I are performing in TOGETHER. Its going to be really fun!

475 Tenth Avenue
New York, NY
Thursday, December 13, 2007
Performances 8PM-11PM

NIME: New Interfaces for Musical Expression.

“Over the course of this year’s 14-week course, students are developing projects such as an musical weaving loom, a instrument made of speakers that feed back and make glorious noise, an augmented rocking chair, a musical abacus and a host of others.”



475 Tenth Avenue (at 36th Street)
New York, NY 10018
(212) 966-7745

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