promoting a show august 23rd in jersey city

Today I went and hung up flyers for a show that I’m hosting at the Lamppost in Jersey City this month.


community disco bulletin board
It was my birthday today. Thank God for this break in the weather, and the fact that Rory is coming home tomorrow night! Just in time, I might add, for the whirlwind that is the rest of our summer.


  1. Hyena In Petticoats wrote:

    Happy Happy Birthday pretty lady….

    I hope you’re having a brilliant day!

    I included you in the Thrifted Tuesday Best Of on my blog today – loving your contributions!

    I hope you eat lots of cake and have some champagne….

    Leah xx

  2. icancarryallthebagsandthebabiestoo wrote:

    Geesh! I am exhausted by only reading your post, you busy little bee.

    I tried to post a facebook comment to you, but it wouldn’t let me.


    Those cupcakes look delish!

  3. melly wrote:

    hi, i came by way of softspoken and i’m delighted i did. i really like what you have on your blog :] definitely will be reading from now on!

  4. victoriatje wrote:

    Happy birthday, Emily! And congratulations for this amazing blog. I really like reading it.

  5. emily august wrote:

    Victoria and Melly: thank you! I feel bad you came at a time of slow blogging for me.

    A: the cuppers were d’lish. Thank you.

    Leah: I am totally going to post a blog about Thrifted Tuesday. I love it. Thanks for including me!

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