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Branding Yourself for Crafty Reasons

What do you mean? What is the point of “branding myself”?

I would argue that paying attention to how others perceive you is a necessity if you care the least bit about your art, your craft, or putting your own aesthetic stamp on the world whether it be through music, photos, colors, or ideas. I happen to be the kind of girl who can be heard saying, vehemently, “Oh, I don’t care what anybody thinks of me,” and I mean it when I say so, but I am starting to realize that this becomes part of how people perceive me. Consciously or not, as soon as you make this claim, people keep an imperceptible eye on you to see if you really mean what you say. Preamble over with, let’s get on with it.

In my previous post I pointed to the Etsy shop of internet pal Hikaru. Her shop is heads and tales above shops that seem to be satisfied with poor quality: shops with grainy photos, and a lack of creativity that sadly permeates the world of crafts, home sewing, and personal blogging. In an environment where we are over saturated with mediocrity, I want to say to the craft community, “If you don’t care, why bother?” and, conversely, “If you care enough to do it, do it well, and present yourself well.” And there you have my thesis: tell the story of who you are or what you want to be. Craft the world where you want your products to live and breathe.

As soon as you land on Hikaru’s page, you want click on her products and have a closer look. That should be your goal as a crafty person: do not saturate the market with mediocrity. Do something bold and fun, and do it WELL.

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