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The Influx of Things We Can Do Without

Typically when I tell friends that I sell on ETSY, presuming they know what ETSY is, they have one of two reactions:

They say:

1. Oh, that’s great! What do you sell?


2. Oh. Yeah, I’ve been on that site. There’s a lot of… interesting… stuff…

Stuff. Meaning junk so offensively poorly made and/or poorly presented that you wouldn’t buy it from your own grandmother if she was having a yard sale to raise funds for her prescription meds. Inwardly I always cringe at that second response. I hope you don’t think I’m being mean by saying so but it is really easy to spot those trying to make a quick buck from something that they’ve put no time or effort into perfecting. Try to think of your art as something requiring discipline and attention. Take the time to craft an image and a story behind what you’re doing. Pick your schtick and stick to it until you are proud of it, then ask yourself if you would want to buy what you are uploading. But, like, seriously. Would you really?

Now, please don’t take that last sentiment as discouragement. I want you to challenge yourself to actually create, authentically create! Learn your craft and do it well. Seek some help from a friend with great photos to figure out how they do it (I owe this to one friend who is asking me and I can’t wait to go help as soon as I can). Become a cleaner knitter. Learn to finish the raw edges in your garments. Take the time to do something other than the easy way out.


Another trend is blogging for advertising dollars, instead of putting a real love and attention to detail into content. It sounds like a fundamental truth of keeping a blog, to be yourself, but I’m sure we’ve all gotten the comments on blogs from those just fishing for comments on their own posts.

Instead, stand out and Be Authentic. It is so important to your personal brand and establishes a level of trust with your audience immediately. I favor authenticity and new perspectives, and Hikaru’s shop was the perfect example for me to express that.

Now, I say this as I know I have work to do on my own shop! How about you?

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