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Last Thoughts

Brand yourself. You are your own brand. Even if you hate the idea of it, you are presenting an image that others are responding to on first glance. Work it to your advantage and to the entertainment of your new audience.

There are millions of people who do what you do and unfortunately you are probably not special. Disagree? Prove it: Show me why your shop is special. The more creatively you present yourself, the more points I will give you.

Don’t sell yourself before you’re valuable by flooding your blog with advertising. The blogs that are successful advertising revenues have real content and are not just there to garner comment counts. This is a trust issue for your potential customers.

Build support by sharing your success with others in a non-competitive, generous way. That’s how the DIY world has always worked. On a related note, Reviews and giveaways are most effective when you are genuinely excited and invested in the giveaway. Don’t use them as your sole comment-getting attention scheme. Yet, think about your favorite blog. Every so often when a giveaway is posted, you see hundreds of comments flooding in with love and genuine praise for the author. That should be your goal: Quality not Quantity. Develop a following on authenticity.

Trade in your camera phone for a digital camera and get good photos. Lots of good tips online of how to do this. Get a tripod to avoid blurry shots and learn about lighting. More on this in another post.

Have fun but also realize that your products are in a market where they will be taken into someone else’s home and used or handled. How are your products going to hold up? If not well, then, please reconsider.

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(Note: This presentation contains adult language.)
“You need to build brand equity in yourself.”
“If you love it, you will win.”
“The only way to succeed now is to be completely transparent.”

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