Social Networking: A Brief History 1

Growing up on Socialized Technology: A Brief History

I grew up in social media.  I grew up ON social media?
What’s the way to say this?
I grew up with social technology a part of my every day life.

My inner nerd has always been very strong, and for this reason I’ve had a higher-than-average amount of interaction with technology than perhaps other people my age (my siblings probably could say the same, as we shared a lot of these experiences and they are a big part of our bond with each other).

Because of my associations with this kind of technology, I feel confident identifying myself as Millennial, or Gen Y.  I can see how other people my age perhaps didn’t have a lot of the same level of interaction and would probably fall into more of a Gen X mindset.  But that is a post for another time.

For those who might find this interesting, or for those with whom I shared the following experiences, I present this series: A brief history of my life in social technology and social media marketing.




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