Pre-Wedding NYC Girls Day

Yesterday I met up with my sisters, Sarah and Liz.

Sarah is getting married next weekend, so we took her to a spa in SoHo, and then to see Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist in Union Square. We are such an indie music-loving family that this was the perfect movie to go see together. After that, we headed back in to Hoboken for Sushi and sake at Robongi, where we were met by one of Sarah’s close friends and one of our older sisters, Nina. We had so much fun. I’ve been saving up in order to be able afford a night out, so I especially had a good time.

Here are my sisters before the movie, the only pictures I took all day because I forgot to bring Compact Flash cards for my SLR. Sarah and Lizzy aren’t that much younger than me, and they are twins.

my sisters before the movie
my sisters before the movie

Love the fact that there is a creepy face on a tshirt in the shop window behind Lizzy who is singing Happiness is a Warm Gun to no one in particular.

Post-film: I felt like the exact target market for this movie; I recognized all the location shots, knew who all of the cameo appearances were, and knew most of the soundtrack (and if I didn’t know the song, Sarah leaned in to say, “Yes I played this for you six months ago, it’s _____”.) Perfect depiction of NYC music scene generalities, lots of wimpster/emo boy accuracies, and I loved the fairy boys with the van. Also, the characters had similar ringtones to those you will find on the cell phones in our apartment.

But also the music could have been better.

Dear self: You are a target market.

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