RadioLab at Angelika Theater this Thursday Night

After an invite to the movies from a friend today, I discovered something amazing going on this Thursday night at Angelika Theater! I don’t know if I will go, since I have already decided to attend an open house for a graduate school program that I’m interested in. I am torn between exploring something that will affect my future, and enjoying the creative process of something that influences my present mindset very heavily… then again, since only 203 tickets are available, I have a feeling that a casual drop-by after work on the day-of would not warrant me a ticket.

From the Angelika Theater Blog:

Radiolab, the syndicated, top-rated NPR program is premiering its 4th season at the Angelika New York on Thursday, Feb. 21 at 7pm. The free “listening premiere”, held in conjunction with WNYC public radio, is open to the first 203 lucky fans to arrive at the theater – attendees will be treated to some pretty cool guests, including one of The Onion’s hilarious editors, an underground musical act and the chance to meet the Radiolab hosts themselves!

Hosted by award winning, cult-journalist heroes Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich, Radiolab airs locally on WNYC and takes an accessible, documentary-style, intelligent (and kind of odd) approach to tackling existentialist-friendly topics and current events (past shows have featured such titles as Morality, Beyond Time, & Who Am I).

For more info, visit the Radiolab Website. And keep checking back at our blog for exclusive media from a some of the [wacky] participants….

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And, by the way, the films we want to see are Persepolis, and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. Has anyone seen either of these yet? Also, Little Known Fact: This is the theater where Rory and I had our first date. We saw a very inappropriate film by Vincent Gallo, and sat nervously ignoring each other’s reactions to the graphic content. It was really romantic.


  1. Ellen Horne wrote:

    Did you make it to the radio lab event?

  2. emily august wrote:

    No! I wish I could have gone!

    My roommate went on to the grad school thing, and my nice boyfriend bought us tickets to see Magnetic Fields last night at Town Hall… are there any more events going on?

    I would love to attend and blog about them!

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