Refashioning a house dress.

First thing i had to do was rip off the sleeves. I really wanted to see if I could do a simple rolled hem and make it look half-way decent… RIP RIIIP. Great fun!

sleeves ripped off
I did an okay job at the sewing machine, though my second sleeve was certainly better than my first. Next, I attacked the buttons, replacing them all down the front with bigger, sturdier buttons that would actually hold in place.

After trying it on at this point, I realized that it was really just a tent with pockets, so I got really very daring and decided to master the use of darts under the bust. When it was still to big, I literally took it in along the front, closing the placket front and taking it in about three inches all around. Now its a pull-it-over-your head kind of thing.

dress front

And a view of my attempt at adding shape. The dress is screaming for styling help, which I will attempt to give. See, the nice thing is that if I mess this up, I was only going to throw it away anyhow!


  1. christina wrote:

    I love how this is coming along.
    I need you to teach me how to do stuff like this!

  2. emily august wrote:

    Well, I am kind of inspired to try this out on some of my clothing marked to be thrown into my eBay inventory! Maybe if you want to set a date to come over, you can help me cut and measure and I’ll show you around on my Brother sewing machine.

  3. christina wrote:

    You name the time, baby! I’m up for the crime!

  4. softspoken wrote:

    this dress has such potential! it reminds me so much of this dress that i got from delia*s clearance

  5. emily august wrote:

    wow. they are really similar!

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