Rest in Peace Dexter

Dexter died some time late this morning, half in his nest. A carrot lay uneaten in the corner of his cage where I tried to rehydrate him last night.

He was the sweetest hamster I have ever had, even sweeter than Emo and Simon were. He had a king sized cage meant for a chinchilla, because he had a king sized heart and an uncanny ability to pry open a habitrail. He loved his plastic ball, and yogurt drops. He never ate any seeds he didn’t like, but would pick out only his favorites and leave the rest behind, then bite on the cage bars to tell me he wanted better food. He would hang out with people and pay attention to them and run towards them instead of away (kind of a big deal for a hamster to do that).

I’m glad he waited until we got home from Ireland to go.

Dexter, I love you. Thank you for your friendship, little ham.

Tonight we are having a dance party to celebrate his life.

We are giving him a sailor’s funeral tomorrow at dusk.


  1. softspoken wrote:

    r.i.p., little one

  2. icancarryallthebagsandthebabiestoo wrote:

    I’m so sorry, Emily. Seriously, I just got a bit weepy when reading this. Sigh.

  3. emily august wrote:

    Don’t worry Anna. I just got weepy and its been now over a week. Pets are such a strong emotional pull for me and everyone in my family.

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