sewn: curtain

We’ve been using these long, heavy vintage curtains in the music room. They were really great for privacy, but got in the way of plants and sunlight, and hung down well below the window sill so that we had to sweep them aside and deal with the excess fabric by basically ignoring it.

This afternoon I am culling through my stashes of fabric and craft supplies (in the name of avoiding doing the laundry, truly), and I happened upon this really gorgeous blend of silk and cotton purchased from JoAnn’s Fabric a few years ago when they were hawking the Indian apparel trend. I originally meant this for a skirt fabric, but I think it works better like this than as anything I would wear. I think I’ll make the excess into a scarf. Its really luxurious.

What is nice, aside from the curtain not intruding upon the room with excess length, is that the curtain throws a nice red glow around the room. I used some decorative stitching on my machine that I have always been obsessed with. It makes the curtains very “me”, I think.

Now I feel like we have more room for plants to live on the ledge! Each of us is also very responsive to bright color, so I hope that the red-orange hues make my roommate and boyfriend as happy as they make me.

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