Shore Weekend

Had a wonderful, long weekend down the shore. Its so nice to go home and stand on the beach, ankle deep in the sounds of an ocean I grew up drinking, swimming, breathing, and singing. My parents were around, the weather held out, we got to bring some NYU friends down for the first time to our beach; it was really awesome. Brendan even made a brief appearance for Strawberry Rhubarb pie and trash-talking the hosts of the night’s Food Network programming.

love eyes
Naomi, our german shepherd.
Getting oldy.
Dad doing some work in the garage.
Mom says this is the one day a year he does this,
and she didn’t think it fair to capture on film
as if this was the norm for our household, but
I love the lighting and the upside-down bicycles.

aiden - nine days old
Rory’s new nephew Aiden made his first beach trip.
He lost his little hands along the way,
but I think he’s got a trick or two up his sleeves.
Salt water like a bathtub.
Tiny bits of jellies but not much else to worry about.
The outdoor shower at the beach house.
Haven’t gotten to use this yet.

I’m seven-eighths of the way through The Secret Lives of Bees, which I’ll likely finish tonight and move on to Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. This is a nice trade-off for forgetting my Gameboy and leaving the laptop behind.

We’re going back later in the week when all the Bennies have gone home and we can pretend we aren’t also Northerners. I only have to work a few hours this week, from home. Its better at the beach when there are no lifeguards, anyway.

I’m significantly a deeper shade of brown along the tan lines I got while biking in Ireland. This means I’m doomed not to wear sleeveless until next summer.

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