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So, if you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that this is the summer of rock camp for me. I’ve been donating as much time as possible to the Willie Mae Rock ‘n Roll camp for girls in NYC as a photographer and cheering squad all summer, and its been completely awesome (especially since I quit my full-time job for a better part-time job that gives me a flexible schedule). I only wish I had more time to hang out with everyone involved during and after the camp.

The organization works all year long to raise money and give girls a chance to go to rock camp to learn instruments, get up on stage, write songs, form bands, and put on a show in front of a big crowd of people. I am totally jealous of the experience and wish that I had a chance to do something other than marching band and chorus in school (not that dance team and singing in chorus weren’t fun, but they weren’t exactly a satisfying artistic experience to say the least).

One of the things that Willie Mae Rock Camp does to raise scholarship funds is that they allow Ladies (like me, or my sisters, or our mom, or somebody’s kickass g-ma who has always wanted to play on stage) a chance to have a similar (albeit shorter) experience at Ladies Rock Camp. I help photograph for that, too (along with long-time photographer Kate). One of the campers, Kendra Arnold, wrote a post for the Star Ledger’s Morristown Green Blog about the experience, highlighting the fact that you get your photos taken by Emily August! It rocked my socks off!

kendras article
Find Kendra’s article here on NJ.com! Featured in the article is this video of the band Kendra was in, which actually inspired me a lot because they had a great, kitschy-but-dark indie pop vibe. Their song was about 90210 (the original), and it is smart and hysterical in its simplicity. I would totally book this band if I were still putting on house shows in Southern Jersey somewhere.

Right now we are nearing the end of the Rock Camp season. This weekend is the Girls Rock Camp showcase, the final one of the year. Its been really fun to hang out randomly all week with the campers, and I wish I had more time to get involved! I have to say its got me itching to start something (another band! a fire!) soon soon soon. Okay, maybe just a theoretical fire.

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