technology + media innovation: video games!

I have been blogging and using social networking sites for over ten years, and I’ve slowly started to notice how video games have helped us take in a vast amount of information in our every day lives. Whenever we interact with our cell phones, Facebook Pages, or other media, we assume we will be able to have a great amount of interaction, and have that interaction come instantly upon clicking.

I’m interested in how that is changing our collective brains. In my creative approach, I am often interested in the way video games and a new breed of mobile web applications have affected the way we now process information at an alarming speed. This subtle paradigm shift has changed the way we must design experiences for our clients, consumers, networks, and stakeholders across the board.

vital statistics in oblivion

a staggering amount of information in one little box

navigation in oblivion

Navigational direction, health, dialog with another character, inventory, what to do next... its all on the same screen...

In what ways do you think this has changed the way you interact with information, data, and messaging systems that link you to your friends and family?  Is anyone still living in the Dark Ages, having a cell phone that ONLY accepts phone calls?
Let me know!

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