Thank you David Ziser, Dane Sanders, and Sarah Petty

Thank you David Ziser, Dane Sanders, and Sarah Petty; from a new photographer with a bright outlook for the future.

In 2006 I had this little studio space set up in my parent’s basement.
I’ve definitely progressed since then…
Last night I attended the David Ziser Digital WakeUp Call Seminar in midtown. I learned a lot about lighting, marketing, video, and the wedding photography industry. It got me very excited at the prospect of shooting more weddings, and for finding someone local to work with and learn the business side of things. Photography is one of those things that I think has always been in my life and I’m just now realizing how important it is to me and all of the creative aspects of my personality. Photography ties in my loves: fashion, music, design, nostalgia… you name it and I can capture it with a lens. I can’t explain how nice it feels to discover just how much I love taking photos.

This snowball of a process is all due in part to my purchase of a smugmug account, which gave me a discount download of an audio book by Dane Sanders called FastTrack, which led to me tuning in to the recent Sarah Petty Joy of Marketing Telesummit. I feel like I’ve finally found a few tools to help me share and explore my talents in a way that expresses them perfectly. I’m so excited to see what other classes I can take and who else I can meet in Jersey City that’s shooting events and is looking for some assistance from someone like me! Stay tuned to find out.

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