The Art of Dressing Warmly (Long Trail, VT)

R and I spent the week up in Vermont with his (wonderful) family, some of us skiing, snowboarding, or just enthusiastically teaching winter sports to children. For those of us who are less winter-go-lucky (or problematically asthmatic), there was the spa escape of a mountain resort, an adventure spent dog-sledding in Eden, and the day we all went snow shoeing up in Smuggler’s Notch. We’d done this same hike last year, and so I took the opportunity to lag behind, nurse my winter lungs, and take a few glorious shots in the woodsy surround.

The trail is easy to access and crosses with that of the oldest long-distance trail in the United States, whose namesake also happens to have inspired some tasty Vermont beer.

Enjoy the textures and lines of Vermont’s wild woods!

Oh, and of course R had to jump from the highest bolder, only because the snow was so deep and soft enough for landing.

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  1. val wrote:

    Beautiful shots as always! Thanks for sharing. I would love to print off a large copy of the picture you took of Craig (to put on one of our walls). Like 8×10. xo

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