The Tough Mudder, Englishtown NJ 2012

This year, my husband ran his first Tough Mudder with his brother and some very good (and athletic) friends. Here he is being carried by his big brother Ryan, which we all got a kick out of.

My favorite part, as a spectator, was the drama of these big wall hurdles.

I love how these photos came out because in sunlight on one side, you have intense lifting, and in the shade on the left side of the photos you see where people were catching eachother. Everyone lent a hand! So cool!

A bit of the aftermud, er, math.

These are my husband’s legs. He had scars and scratch marks for weeks!

I think that Andrew might actually be addicted to these runs. He was unstoppable!

They did it! So proud of our boys!

Click here for the rest of the Tough Mudder slideshow!

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