tiny apartment show




  1. icancarryallthebagsandthebabiestoo wrote:

    God, Emily.

    To live a day of your life! You are always doing, doing, doing… I LOVE IT. How do you get so organized? I wish that I could get into gear and do the amount of stuff that you do. I think it’s amazing (and beautiful!)

  2. emily august wrote:

    thanks Anna for the high compliments. i have always been someone who needs to have something good going on or i feel stagnant and get depressed. i made this choice a few years ago to try everything in my power to stop consuming and start creating. its been a VERY LONG process, believe me.

    i like keeping this blog because it kind of distills all of these pieces out of the every day and makes me thankful that i live the life that i do. its by choice, and its hard work sometimes, but its very fun and most of all rewarding. i’m anxious to see where the next year takes us and hope to look back and have more great memories like this.

    another thing is that since i have been doing things like this for years and years i have a network of people to call on and ask for help with shows or events, etc. i have worked for record labels, and been assisting people in my daytime jobs where i help them accomplish great things, so its nice to turn that energy and focus on my life sometimes. this one in particular i spent maybe an hour of my time preparing for… it was really amazing to have the guys here and i think we all enjoyed each other’s company. i’m glad it was intimate, even as i also wish more people could have been there with better planning!!

    in summation, its never enough… (to almost-quote new order)


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