‘Tis the Season: Hiking on Goose Pond; Keene, NH

This weekend our friends Maggie and John invited us up for what I like to call “Dog Vacation”. This is when you take your dog on a road trip and traverse the East Coast interstates for quieter surrounds and majestic views. One of the reasons we were very selective in choosing our wolfish dog, Penny, is that we wanted to be able to bring her into the mountains to hike and climb with us. Rory is especially outdoorsy and I’ve been working my way up the fitness ladder to join him (slowly).

Maggie is a vet tech, animal lover, and long-time family friend. You can see photos I shot at her wedding here, here, here, and here!

This weekend started off quite cold up and down the East Coast, but we ended up with very mild and beautiful weather for our trip. The hike at Goose Pond is really neat. From the parking lot, you hike up a steep hill with gradiated natural steps made from the roots of pine trees. That part is a little taxing but the rest of the hike follows the level waterline and eventually crosses past two swimming holes and an old dam from the 1600’s. New England is good for very old things.

We were joined by Cassidy, one of the sweetest Dogs of Silver Lake.

The funniest and most treacherous part of the hike came any time there was a clearing that dipped down into the edge of the frozen pond. Every time we came upon a clearing at the shore, Penny saw this as an open field and an open invitation to take off running.

Sadly she happens to be the world’s worst water dog and had she known there was water underfoot she would have stayed safely on shore. Maybe if we go back in the spring she will realize this and remember, but its hard to tell. She was very proud of herself for walking on the ice, and we congratulated her only because she stayed safe.

Look at that easy trot! She thinks she has it made, but off-camera we are yelling cheerfully, “Come back! Come back! Come back!” in our best non-panicked sounding December voices.

As the weather gets colder the only solace we can take is in time spent well with friends and family… and, of course, ice skating wolf-dogs that warm our hearts. We got to hang out that night and drink White Russians while watching the Big Lebowski, and also got to meet a brand new baby in the family named Cole. The next day we watched The Iron Giant, The Family Guy version of Star Wars and Up! (which makes me cry). The car ride home was a little treachorous for the storm that rolled in, but R and I enjoyed the quiet time together, thankful we had just replaced the tires on my car!

Happy Holidays, everyone! Hope you are making the most of it.

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