travelog: more photos from the manse

A few more favorites from our stay at the Monadnock Manse on Silver Lake in New Hampshire. Some of the quiter moments that we really enjoyed before the wedding.

mount vesuvius pillow
This pillow was like 3-D. So strange.
And lots of crosstitch and quilting home decor.

new hampshire 062
One shower for eight bedrooms.

new hampshire 071
new hampshire 064
One of many gas-lit fireplaces.

Leisure Time
new hampshire 068
reading glasses
goodnight, emily
One night I got to the bedroom and Rory had left this for me.

tin little indians top
I swear we had one of these when I was little.
Its made of tin, with a wooden handle and painted
versions of The Ten Little Indians.

new hampshire 042
new hampshire 057
Gus was on our Scrabble team. We lost!

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