travelog: the dogs of silver lake

Because of the rain, we were mostly relegated to the porch.

Below, I present to you my favorite pictures of the dogs, in order of appearance: Gustav (puppy), Patty (older tan dog), Isabel (Chinook), Cassidy (black and white puppy), and Barney (bulldog).

rory and gustav
gustav waited patiently
patty and isabel
cassidy on silver lake
marching across the manse
princess padma

maggie gives treats

Canine wedding overload was particularly fitting, as the bride works as a vet technician and we are constantly talking about pets! Early on in the weekend, I earned the nickname Dog Whisperer, and I especially fell in love with the puppy Gustav, but he sort of has the “stupid cute” advantage over all the others.

Stay tuned for more pics from our Monadnock adventure!

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