Wardrobe Remix — First Post

january 05
Taken in my kitchen in Jersey City, NJ.

Rory and I were heading out to check out some local galleries in our neighborhood this afternoon.

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  1. christina wrote:

    Oh my goodness! I have to catch up on your posts!
    Love the outfit – especially the legwarmers and scarf!
    I’m going through a little bit of a wardrobe makeover myself.My goal is to put *less* thought in what I put on. I think the only way to do that is to have a closet full of clothes that I love wearing. TIme to weed out!

    (And also, it’s about time for a clothing exchange! Keep an eye out for an evite!)

  2. emily august wrote:

    Thank you.

    The scarf is actually part of the dress that you can tie as a bow, or wrap around your chest and tie in the back. Its the one designed by the winner on that Project Runway episode who won the “BITTEN by Sarah Jessica Parker” episode. Don’t know her name: she’s of Asian descent and very particularly bossy, but does really nice, clean work. Don’t know if you’ve seen it yet?

    Yeah, I’ve been a bit prolific lately in my posts. I am experiencing this burst of creative energy as a result of starting to really work out consistently at the gym.

    It also makes getting dressed easier because I dropped a few pounds!

  3. softspoken wrote:

    this makes me want to run right out to steve and barry’s!

  4. emily august wrote:

    Yes. I bought it right before my pledge not to buy more clothing. I guess I can go back to Steve and Barry’s in March. haha.

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