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So, my music project exploding august has been out on Monotone Records for awhile, and you can buy the EP in my Etsy shop. I also help my exboyfriend Kevin with his band snowstorm, sometimes, which I enjoy immensely. Both of these projects are kind of moody in their own ways, and we each get a sense of satisfaction from coercing a lot of emotion out of lyrics, song structures, and recording styles.

yay fun.
Well, every once in a while we write songs that don’t fit either of our music projects. Usually because someone has commissioned something from us, or there is an event coming up, we will just be in a different mood entirely. The songs are generally sillier, and very much of an indiepop aesthetic. (And–if I am playing drums, the rhythm will be really horrible and funny.)

For these songs we go by Wax Museums, and I just got around to putting one teeny little song up on myspace. Its a cover of a song by Say Hi To Your Mom, which we recorded because of an audition I was doing for SHTYM that never worked out. Anyway, now you can check out Wax Museums on MySpace! We have a few other songs that I will hopefully get from Kevin to put up soon. Most notably a song written for Chris and Arianne of indiepages, and at least one song written about at least one ex-relationship by each of us. Ch-ch-check it out and enjoy!


  1. christina wrote:

    I love your song!
    It’s stuck in my head!

    That’s a great idea to put your EP on Etsy. Fabby fab!

  2. emily august wrote:

    haha. thanks. it was done in like one take, and kevin got so mad at me for yelling in the background when he went back over the second track, but we kept it. its nice to have something a little fun on the side.

    if we lived any where near each other, like we used to, then we would have more songs.

  3. emily august wrote:

    oh and about etsy– i emailed them first to ask if it was okay, because i don’t see many other people doing this. i plan on putting my zines up soon, as well, and distro-ing some things by friends (hence the name go go distro).

    mostly i’ve been working “behind the scenes” to get all of this stuff in order. i can’t wait until i finally get all my stuff online!

  4. christina wrote:

    The yelling was probably my favorite part!
    And I hear ya about getting everything in order. I’m still in the process of switching all of my crap over to the new store name. It’s exciting, but I just want it to be done.


  5. emily august wrote:

    i’m so glad you like my yelling. old school screaming hardcore and drums are in my blood. i can’t help but bring it to the table.

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