west village

Had a great time last night with Allison after a long day: cabernet and chianti at a bar on Sullivan, followed by midnight cupcakes at Magnolia, and a salute to Marc Jacobs surplus (pictured here).

Also, check out Rory’s recent ITP blog posts, including:

He will be done with his degree really soon! He’s building lots of little musical robots for his final thesis, and getting groups of friends together to help him in the final throes of semester-end crunch time. Hence, robot knitting circle. I think the little robots are amazing, but I have always had a thing for robots.

Tyler from Chauchat sent me the band’s new CD on yer bird records, and a super old split he recorded with Birdie Hilltop, after I wrote to him and told him that I lost it. The split CD has one of the most amazing songs I have ever heard, and I was devastated after recently sorting through all of my CDs to find that it was gone. I’m so glad he slipped it in the mail! I am also working on putting on a show somewhere in Jersey City with Tyler and Ryan Doyle, but its just a loose plan at this point. And of course, all things are related in some way: Chauchat is part of a 4-way split cassette release coming out on Unread Records that my band mate Kevin is also on. Kevin’s been busy recording a new album, and he’s getting ready to move away, so we haven’t hung out at all.

But if he’s reading this, you left your sweater here.

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