wild pillows i have sewn

skirt the issue 015
Made a set of sweet pillows this evening. They are totally free-style, meaning that I had no desire this evening to measure a thing. I was going to work on my skirt, but I think we’ll just have to finish them after the deadline is over. This was much more satisfying. Each pillow took approximately fifteen minutes to finish.

Leave it to PMS to inspire some renegade pattern forgoing.

I will definitely remake these in a more formal way, but there was something really amazing about just challenging my sewing machine to a race against the clock.

jag jaguar
The amazing fabric is ECHINO : Etsuko Furuya for KOKKA, which I picked up at Purl Soho yesterday. The jaguars reminded me of Ruby. I love how they are wearing tiny symmetrical polka dots, while the dots on the pillow look hand-stamped. This color acidic-yellow-green basically rules my life, also.

Click the pictures for better views on flickr.
I love how worn our hand-me-down couches are looking in these pictures.


  1. softspoken wrote:

    love that fabric! they look perfect on yr brown couch.

  2. emily august wrote:

    thank you!

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