woodgrain heart pillow

I finished one of my first experiments in creating felt woodgrain:

woodgrain heart pillow
Working on more stuff to sell at upcoming indie craft fairs we are running.


  1. softspoken wrote:

    <3 it so so much.

    i wanna come be in yr craft fair. for real. keep me posted of future ones?

  2. softspoken wrote:

    oh! and i tried to subscribe to the newsletter on the craft mafia site, but when i did it said under the web address field “invalid US phone number” and wouldn’t go through. :(

  3. emily august wrote:

    oh! i will tell the site manager asap thanks for signing up. if you can make the trip up here you are welcome to stay a week/weekend whatever, anytime you want!!!

  4. icancarryallthebagsandthebabiestoo wrote:

    I Love This!!!

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